By tying strips of cloth (ribbons) to the bridge, you can show your love for the sacred site.

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The map below shows you the general location of Chaudière Bridge, a steel structure spanning the Kitchi Sibi (Great River). On the west side of the bridge, you can see the headers of the ring dam that is holding back the river.

Listen to the roar of the great Reconciliation River (music video).

But do not mistake the powerful surge of water through this run-of-river dam for the actual waterfall.

The majestic waterfall at the heart of the sacred site is submerged and held back.

The condo developers, City of Ottawa and Energy Ottawa say they will create "views of the waterfall" as part of the condo-building frenzy. That is not true. Only overflow from thedam will be visible.

Let's bring life to an industrial wasteland, rather than sinking the islands with a high-density project that calls for condos, a hotel, offices and retail space.

Life! Water! Life!