This page showcases YOUR involvement in this project of love for the sacred site.

Each dated segment, below, chronicles a group's efforts. Click on a thumbnail (small photo) and it will open to a larger photo and a slide show.You need to Contact Us to get your photos on this website.

JUNE 23,2016 UPDATE -- Public Works (federal government department) will not remove ribbons each week. They have agreed that it's okay to tie ribbons to the bridge until July 3, with removal to occur July 4. 

JUNE 30, 2016 The volume of ribbons that people have tied to honour the sacred site is AWESOME! Each ribbon tied to the bridge expresses our love for this sacred site, for the waterfall and the islands that Dream Unlimited and Windmill corporations want to build condos on. This new video shares our perspective on the sacred site. 

JUNE 25, 2016 The honouring continues. Many hands have tied ribbons to the bridge in the last few days. At least 1,500 ribbons have been tied to the bridge since we started 20 days ago. Some were removed but all those tied after June 23 will stay put until July 4.

June 22, 2016 A new batch of ribbons is being tied to the steel bridge.

JUNE 20, 2016  In the afternoon, federal workers arrived at the bridge to remove the fantastic array of ribbons that were honouring the sacred site. Metro News published a short article.

The news article quotes Anishinabe-Kwe author and scholar, Lynn Gehl:

Gehl said the “strawberry moon ribbons” are prayers for the future of the site.

“It’s more spiritual than it is associated with an advocacy group,” said Gehl. “A lot of people think believing in the sacred is trivial. Sacred beliefs are really important, inside them there’s a moral code.”

Below is a great picture of the ribbons before they were removed. People walking and cycling on the bridge often stop to ask questions when they see people tying ribbons to the bridge. Sometimes, they decide to "tie one on" too!

June 18, 2016 On a still night, hands tie more ribbons to the bridge. So many expressed their concern about the sacred site and spoke out, with deep love, during the sacred walk on June 17 in support of an Algonquin vision for freeing the waterfall and the islands. 

June 16, 2016 On the day before the sacred walk, there is a feeling of deep honouring as one approaches the bridge. Let us be clear: it is the water and the islands we are honouring! We are not "decorating" a bridge.More ribbons are appearing all the time, and some of those tying the ribbons have been so creative--even tying them to the drainage holes and allowing the ribbons to flutter below the steel structure. These photographs were taken early this morning.

June 15, 2015 Jackpot set of beautiful pictures arrived today from a person who wants to remain anonymous. Thank you for tying ribbons and for taking 11 pictures of the results (some ribbons were already there, but you have added to the perfection of this project). Isn't the power of the water amazing, even after the spring runoff has subsided? Imagine if the falls were liberated and we could hear its roar.

JUNE 15, 2015 A new crop of ribbons! In the coming days, activity will be intense. Let's bring life to the sacred site before the sacred walk on June 17. New video features Elder Albert Dumont!

JUNE 14, 2016  Ribbons that your hands placed so lovingly on the bridge were removed during the day on June 13. But that night, like spiders spinning webs, new hands wove many yellow ribbons to the railing to celebrate the sacred site.

JUNE 10, 2016 As the moon approaches its first quarter, moving toward fullness on June 20, supporters of the sacred site add more ribbons to the steel structure that crosses the Kitchi Sibi (Great River), just downstream from the mighty Chaudière Falls.

JUNE 9, 2016 As commuters crossed the Chaudière Bridge during morning rush hour, the ribbons tied the night before fluttered in the north wind, taking our prayers for freedom for the sacred site on high.

June 8, 2016  At dusk, three women who support an Indigenous vision for the sacred site tied coloured ribbons to the bridge. Feel free to use any colour, including cloth with patterns. Reuse old bed sheets or curtains if you have some available.

JUNE 4, 2016  The inaugural ribbons appeared on Chaudière Bridge...just a few, to get started! By noon on Monday, governmentworkers had removed that set of ribbons. No matter. Our tying of ribbons is an act of love, turning an ugly public space into one that dances in the wind.